me: what did you do this weekend?
Erik: i don’t remember just kidding.
i went to the pool yester day and i cut up a bunch of copper and i got 90 dollars from that because mathew needed    me to cut up some of his copper and sort it with number 2 copper and number one copper.
me: congrats on making $90!
Erik: yeah but that 90 dollars was a lot of money and it was 2 hours worth of work with that copper.
you know how hard it is to cut copper?
that is plumbers work right there.
that will build ya some calises.
on your hand and finger’s
you have to take the copper pipe and put it in a cutting tool and twist twist twist.
it is not at all women’s work trust me.
that’s some man’s work right there and it was not easy
are hands got all black from it because there was saughter and sticky go on some of the pipes.
i need to go mow the lon bye.

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I am married to a giant pile of books.
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