Exit light

Erik: i have listened to the sandman 62 times
 me: What is the sandman?
 Erik: you know in back to the future.
 it go’s Mr. sandman bring me a dream, make him the cutest i have ever seen.
 me: oh, wow!
Erik: yeah.
  are you listening to sandman?
  i have listened to it 65 times now.
  over and over and over.
  are you listening to it?
  are you?
  that song was made in 1955.
 me: why do you like it so much?
 Erik: because it sounds awsome!
  esspecial the effort it took to make that song
  did you know on the bum bum bum part there is like 3 girls doing that perfect timing!
 me: have you ever heard the metallica song about the sandman?
Erik: oh well i don’t like it better than the origanal sandman from the chordettes.
but the matalica song is good though.
me: The chordettes are probably better than metallica, huh?
Erik: i don’ know they both have there moments in songs.
me: what else are you up to today?
Erik: i ate breakfast and lunch i had cerial and beef soup.
and i watched a little tv.
and i listened to sandman 70 times which takes up a couple hours.

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I am married to a giant pile of books.
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