3 out of every 10

me: Have you hung out with Madison lately?
That’s your girlfriend’s name, right?
Erik: not any more i can’t beleive this but she used me to do what every thing she says and i could not say no she was my girl friend
you know what it is really rare to find a boyfriend or girlfriend that really likes you for you and actually does not use you or abuse you or be mean to you and all of that stuff 
i broke up with madison.
me: Oh no
Erik: it took me 6 ” girl friends” to figure that out!
i have only had 2 real ones let’s just say 3 out of every 10 relationships are actually real or good.
me: hmm
maybe you should take a break from dating for awhile
Just hang out with your friends & get a girlfriend when you’re 12 or 13
Erik: okay i say 12 because that is only 5 days away.

About mrsbookhoarder

I am married to a giant pile of books.
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